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The emerging culture is necessitating different leadership paradigms: preparation of leaders in a "business as usual" fashion is becoming inadequate. Mid-adolescents in churches who are being "called" or "shoulder tapped" as emerging leaders need an intentional process of leadership development.

This paper will recommend leadership development of mid-adolescents through the metaphor of a seven strand braided cord which includes these threads: discernment, an understanding of call, rite of passage events, mentoring, spiritual formation, service/ministry opportunities, and commissioning. The goal of this research is to suggest that these kinds of learning experiences, which the Church could be providing today, will best prepare these young people to be effective leaders in the emerging culture. It will also suggest that this is not a sequential. developmental process, and the order in which these seven steps are taken is as unique as the individual and congregation.

The goal of this project is to help facilitate a "'culture of the call'' in Mennonite Brethren (MB) churches. It is believed that the findings of this research will be applicable to a much wider audience, but due to the project's scope, the focus will be on the MB church.

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