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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Darrell Peregrym

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Len Hjalmarson


In our western culture, many churches, pastors, and Christian leaders have adopted secular leadership that emphasizes performance and results rather than emphasizing spiritual leadership based in our identity in Christ as a servant leader and the process of brokenness that God uses to develop His servants. Recent literature has suggested that pastors and Christian leaders need to revisit the need for brokenness in their Christian formation as a critical success factor in their leadership. The Church should consider brokenness as a critical success factor in the effective leadership of the pastor.

This dissertation will concentrate on the importance of brokenness in the life of the pastor as it relates to spiritual leadership in the midst of secular practices and leadership approaches used in the Church.

Section 1 outlines the problem pastors and Christian leaders are facing in the church. Section 2 explores the various approaches to brokenness; these approaches fall short of expressing the life and Spirit of the Lord Jesus being released through us. Section 3 outlines the thesis of brokenness as a critical success factor in the life and leadership of the pastor/Christian leader and the blessings derived from a lifestyle of brokenness. Section 4 consists of the Artifact description. Section 5 is the Artifact specification (book proposal). Section 6 is the postscript. Appendix A is the artifact itself, a non-fiction ebook written to inform pastors and Christian leaders about brokenness as it relates to the spiritual formation of the leader and the benefits associated with brokenness. Appendix B shares survey answers regarding brokenness obtained from various pastors and Christian leaders.

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