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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)




The problem of young adults leaving the existing historical churches has
caused many churches to look for ways to communicate the message of the gospel in new
ways. New churches are springing up around the country in an attempt to minister to
younger generations. Churches large and small are using technology to communicate in a
new era, but one tool has been relatively untapped by existing historical churches when
trying to continue ministry to younger generations. Music is a critical piece of the
ministry in the twenty-first century and churches need to see the gift of music not as a
dividing factor between the generations, but as a bridge. This thesis examined the
importance of music in the life of congregational worship, how divisive it can be, the
importance of familiarity in worship music, and the role music plays in teaching doctrine
of the church. Additionally, the thesis will show that younger generations value music
more deeply and differently than previous generations, and that they are looking for a
connection to the past that they have not had previously. As a result, music should be
used as a bridge for existing historical churches looking to reach out to future

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