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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Michael Gama, DMin

Second Advisor

Carol Hutchinson, PhD

Third Advisor

Todd Hiestand


This dissertation claims that the formation of a healthy Salvation Army officermom identity is foundational for future organizational leadership development and personal vocational efficacy. Section One explores the historical management of officermoms, root causes of dissatisfaction, and modern barriers to healthy functioning. Section Two describes the deficiencies within three current methods of officer-mom identity formation. Section Three focuses on Scriptural models of identity formation and suggestions for implementation as a formative and sustainable approach in alleviating four key longings of officer-moms. This dissertation proposes that fledgling officer-moms need a safe and reliable mechanism to receive instruction and encouragement in establishing an officer-mom identity—a way of being a healthy and thriving officer-mom. Section Four outlines the artifact: a blog created to be a stationary repository of vetted and cataloged articles that will be an empowering narrative towards a healthy officer-mom identity. Section Five includes the blog proposal. Section Six is the postscript where I share the reasons for choosing my topic and some things I learned through a process of trial and error in beginning the blog. The Appendix contains examples of posts from the blog.

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