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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Douglas Balzer, DMin

Second Advisor

Carlos Jermaine Richard, DMin

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Leonard I. Sweet, PhD


The purpose of this paper is to develop a solution to certain items ailing the church, removing boundaries where trusting and believing in the church family abounds. Through the five years of creating the context of this paper, the objective was established to first become successful in teaching and promoting spiritual behavioral change. During this five year period, I used five of my seven daughters, and 27 participants in the Young Adult Ministry as the sample church family for conceptualization of a reasonable model for my argument. The use of the information within this paper is not for a particular denomination, but for those pastors and his church family that desires to create a stronger foundation of trust and an assured support system among the church family, without negatives associated with political rhetoric blurring the lines between leaning into Christ and deconstructing areas where each congregant seeks to keep building walls. Section I examines the areas where the lines of the secular business model has become the norm of the church. Section II provides steps in creating stronger spiritual formation and church familial connections. Section III describes the resources used in creating this paper and the artifact, The Last Judge: A Pastor’s Aid for Parenting and Shepherding the Church Family and Laity Through a 21st Century Family Dynamic.

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