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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Lori Wagner, PhD

Second Advisor

Dottie Escobedo-Frank, DMin

Third Advisor

Tricia Gates-Brown


Story is a paradigm for how women shape their preaching identity. Women preachers benefit from developing their voice through the stories of women in scripture, and the voices of women from the past and present day who have found their authentic preaching voices. Shaping a voice through story is a model in which the preaching identity can develop, and as a result minimizes insecurity, stress and fear around the craft of preaching. Section One defines the preaching identity and examines the elements that form identity. It explores the challenges that have impacted how women understand their role in preaching. Section Two identifies and analyzes the other approaches writers have taken to support women preachers in voice development. This includes voice retrieval, voice restoration and spiritual work. It concludes by suggesting where these approaches fall short and what is needed to develop a meaningful preacher identity. Section Three presents the theological argument of the power of story as a possible solution. Looking first at how stories are formidable tools to shape identity, story, is presented and evaluated as a paradigm to develop and strengthen women’s voice in preaching and ministry. Section Four and Five contain a book proposal for She Proclaims: Stories of Women Who Preach. This book will be written to help women preachers think about the craft of proclamation through the stories of exemplary women preachers. Section Six provides a postscript and suggestions for further research.