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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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David McDonald, DMin

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Daniel Lioy, PhD

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Jason Glaspey


Faith education and formation is important to every Lutheran pastor. Our denomination was born with a love for catechesis. Of all the rituals that remained after the split of the Western church, Confirmation might be the most treasured among churches. Unfortunately, for many pastors who have taught Lutheran Confirmation over their careers they have never felt more disconnected from their students. Their hearts are completely invested in catechesis but their methods do not produce effective results. Though they search more thoroughly than ever to find the right curriculum, nothing seems to work. We know that parents wonder why their children do not want to attend classes or pay attention during sermons. We also know this is a common problem in other churches. How can we disciple people if we do not know how to communicate with them? Our greatest desire is to find a way to reach these students on their terms so they can grow spiritually. This paper began as a search for a new method to disciple these students so congregations will remain strong. It comes with the understanding that most churches will not simply abandon Confirmation programs because of their long heritage in our churches. It also recognizes that the effects of living in a digital world will only intensify as our world continues to grow more complex and more global. It is my hope that The Digital Catechism equips ministry leaders to better disciple not only younger generations but older generations as well. It is presented with faith that God’s church will continue to grow and flourish. We may be changing how we think but that does not mean we have to change what we believe or in whom we put our faith.

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