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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Michael Gama, DMin

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Bob Henry, DMin

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MaryKate Morse, PhD


In the Global North there are disparaging figures within evangelicalism for both pastors and the churches they lead. Evangelical pastors have lost their moorings, suffering the consequences of a lost call and purpose in ministry. This has lead to an abandonment of post by the contemporary evangelical pastor in North America, and to a church left to drift in a secular sea. This project will suggest an answer in the return to a true pastoral ministry which will have positive implications for both pastor and church. Chapter 1 will provide an overview of the problem within contemporary evangelical pastoral ministry. This chapter will outline the intrapersonal disconnect that occurs within the pastor’s personal life and vocational calling as well as the interpersonal disconnect between pastor and church body when it comes to calling and purpose. In Chapter 2, the role of leadership within the biblical texts will be outlined, looking at the shepherd leadership expectations within the Old Testament and how these are continued in the New Testament. The themes of Shema, Shabbat and Shalom will be introduced in this chapter, looking at their fulfilment in the Shepherd ministry of Jesus. Chapter 3 will look at the historical development of the pastoral role, review the pastoral role in the classical tradition, with a call to return to the concept of shepherd ministry. Then in Chapter 4, the concepts of Shema, Shabbat, and Shalom shall be addressed in correlation with the contemporary pastor. This shall be followed by, in Chapter 5, providing the context within which the pastor finds him or herself – that of the contemporary evangelicalism and the challenges facing the church. Chapter 6 shall provide a concluding argument inviting the evangelical pastor to return to the profound faith which is part of the evangelical tradition.

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