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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Glenn Williams, DMin

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J. Mitch Arbelaez, DMin

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Jason Clark, DMin


Globalization influences the development of international interactions among leaders serving in cross-cultural settings and creates challenges for those who are unprepared to lead cross-culturally. For this project, cultural intelligence is the phenomenon investigated as a recommendation for cross-cultural worship. Cultural intelligence (CQ) refers to a person’s capability to adapt to the cultural environments they engage. This research examines how CQ may influence the strategic design of a church congregation’s worship practices, while honoring their cultural and biblical behaviors. Leading worship with CQ is of paramount importance if churches desire to engage people inside and outside their congregations effectively. One observation from thriving businesses in multicultural communities is that they implement CQ to equip their teams with the ability to distinguish behaviors that are unfamiliar and blend in with complementary responses. As the ethnographer of this research, I believe some of these business principles are adaptable in equipping church leaders with CQ for their multicultural congregation. The logic of the argument for this research is to equip readers with “a conceptual framework and practical model to better understand” and lead worship “effectively to various types” of audiences. Chapter One explores cultural identity and its significance in society. Chapter Two surveys cultural intelligence and its four dimensions: drive, knowledge, strategy, and action. Chapter Three provides a broad overview of worship, its purpose and the diversity found in corporate worship. Chapter Four broadly examines biblical worship and its relationship with culture. Chapter Five provides a possible blueprint to create culturally intelligent worship. Without applying these principles, a person’s actual self-concept may affect how they engage worship cross-culturally.

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