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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Anderson Campbell, DMin

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Kurtley Knight, DMin

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MaryKate Morse, PhD


This research seeks to address the current crisis of leadership in the African American community, specifically regarding the continuation of racial hatred, discrimination, and violence by offering a solution that can be used to help address the problem. The objective of this research was accomplished through the process of reading, analyzing, and synthesizing theoretical and biographic materials to create a viable response. The research led to formulating a program involving the spiritual development of a new generation of Christian African American emerging leaders’ engaging with the leadership crisis as biblical reformers of their culture. The research indicates that the racial problem of today mirrors the same problem that existed during Frederick Douglass’ day in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The difference is that Douglass developed into a biblical reformer because of his exposure to the scriptures, his engagement in a discipleship relationship, and his participation in a relational community of faith. His engagement with this process created in him the spiritual fortitude to confront the problem of race from his biblically astute and theologically motivated core beliefs. As Christian African American emerging leaders emulate Douglass as a biblical reformer, they will have the same spiritual fortitude to address the social injustice of racial hatred in their culture milieu. The research concludes with placing significant importance on the role of the scriptures in the sanctification process to refine and reshape Christian leader’s attitudes and actions towards acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God (Mic. 6:8). Also, as they engage in a discipleship relationship, they are taught by a mature believer how to access scripture to discern God’s will, make ethical choices, and live a viii life of integrity. Finally, as Christian leaders participate in a relational community of faith, it provides the training venue for applying the scriptures to biblically reform their culture.

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