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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Phil Carnes, DMin

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Rob Parker


Evangelical churches, in stagnation or decline, can find greater effectiveness by theologically reframing their goals and processes of formation to a Christological discipleship method based on union with Christ. Recent attempts, by Evangelical churches, to spiritually mature its members are proving to be ineffective. Data indicates Evangelical churches desire to disciple their members, however; current approaches initiate congregants into the programs of the church rather than the body of Christ.

The results indicate a growing number of people love the Lord and dislike the church. Studies affirm this to be true and identify growth in America’s religious landscape with those who have lost trust in the church to encourage their faith. It is the objective of this project to explain the terminology of union with Christ and argue its advantages in disciple-making.

Chapter One will examine the research related to the Evangelical community and the implications of the findings. Chapter Two will provide theological insight to define the idiomatic expression, union with Christ. Union with Christ will be viewed from a Biblical and historical perspective in Chapter Three. Chapter Four will address the significance of a church’s culture in spiritually maturing the church. Chapter Five presents a leadership dynmic to enhance the union with Christ experience.

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