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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)




Committed laity in the local parish seek ministry opportunities with depth and purpose. The use of an introductory course in Christian spirituality as a tool towards personal ministry is one way to develop a more vitalized lay ministry within the local parish.

A definition of spirituality is proposed and used as a backdrop for the development of a course curriculum. The dissertation examines spiritual formation concepts in the Old Testament and New Testament with an eye to their application in daily life. Martin Luther's spirituality as expressed in scripture, catechism and hymnody is explored along with the spiritual formation concerns of the German Pietist movement. Contemporary approaches to spiritual formation are an important aspect of lay development. Worldview analysis, spiritual personality typing and spiritual disciplines are three highlighted approaches in the paper.

The six-session introductory curriculum sets the stage for the movement to personal ministry within one of four areas marked as ministry compass points: Nurture, Service, Education, and Worship. Sessions in the course include material on worship forms, spiritual disciplines, Biblical spiritual formation and assessments of personal spirituality. Following the introductory course, members move along a specific path of courses in one of the ministry compass points designed to develop an integrated spirituality and personal ministry.

It is the conviction of the author that laypeople desire to make a difference in the lives of others. This curriculum will provide members of the local parish a path to develop a more effective personal ministry.

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