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Christian higher education in general and Salvation Army higher education Vll specifically are undergoing a learning revolution. Most organizations in general and The Salvation Anny specifically are simultaneously experiencing a leadership revolution. Crestmont College was given two mandates in 2000 and a third mandate in 2002 to address these two revolutions. But what is it about learning and leadership that the mandates need to address? Moving towards connecting transformative learning with transfonnationalleadership development within the context of an institution and an organization requires sorting out the structure, strategic plmming, and linking the plan to implementation. The dissertation works itselfthrough these issues as seen through the eyes of and experienced by the author, appointed as President of Crestmont College in July of2002. The claim is that implementation of the mandates and integration of spiritual, intellectual and practical leadership fonnation will provide a better model for preparing leaders for the emerging age.

Chapter one traces the history of Salvation Army leadership preparation, the elements in the learning and leadership revolution that need attention by those preparing future leaders, and introduces the main claim.

Chapter two focuses on biblical concepts and images of leadership and learning. More specifically, it explores what scripture says about times and paradigms related to leadership and its application to emerging mission. Finally, learning is explained in terms of linking theology and thinking.

Chapter three traces the equipping of Christian leaders through the ages. Specific episodes are traced leading to an increasing integration of spiritual, intellectual and practical preparation that is refined in the Wesleyan tradition. The chapter concludes with a discussion of thresholds and threats facing leadership preparation in the emerging age.

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