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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Darrell Peregrym, DMin

Second Advisor

Phil Newell, DMin

Third Advisor

Jason Clark, PhD, DMin


This research seeks to discover why the Christian church in the United States has struggled to withstand the effects of spiritual warfare. Resisting Satan’s evil schemes continues to be a personal need and spiritual challenge facing people in today’s fastpaced digital world. Failing to resist Satan creates a severe problem for the Christian church. As a result, believers are unprepared to both understand and withstand the effects of spiritual warfare. The author, inspired by the Holy Spirit, created an artifact that has become a powerful ministry tool to address this challenge. The Armor of God challenge coin was fashioned from the Apostle Paul’s Armor of God doctrine in Ephesians, which sets the biblical foundation for writing this dissertation. The author’s primary focus is to help Christians become more aware of spiritual warfare and the critical importance of the Armor of God in winning the battles.

The thesis of this research intends to show how putting on Christ prepares believers for spiritual warfare. Putting on Christ as spiritual armor is a scriptural precept and a recommended Pauline solution that helps Christians both understand and withstand the devastating effects of demonic schemes, sexual temptations, and worldly enticements. Putting on Christ is an intentional choice of will and a personal act of faith and obedience that is a metaphorical and spiritual activity.

The expected outcomes from this investigation are to advance historical knowledge, increase post-modern awareness, and improve future ministry applications. These outcomes will help the Christian church in the United States survive and overcome the wiles of the devil. This study promotes contextually appropriate and biblically honoring methods to wear Christ as a personalized defense system. Standing firm in a spiritual skirmish line and advancing the Gospel of Christ one step at a time is the paper’s goal to overcoming evil principalities and powers.

Helping prepare, train, and equip ministry leaders in the Pauline art of spiritual warfare creates positive outcomes. The resulting opportunities for the Christian church in the United States include reclaiming its incarnational witness, restoring trust in the pulpit, preparing the body of Christ for spiritual warfare, and advancing the Kingdom of God.

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