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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Eric Peterson, DMin

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Mary Pandiani, DMin


Christians live in the ever-present tension of two competing stories. The first is the story our culture promotes. It is one of scarcity. In this story, there is never enough money, resources, time, or love to go around. The other story is the one God tells in Scripture. It is a story of an abundant Creator who gives more than enough for life, love, purpose, and enjoyment in this world. This paper explores my journey in leading Belfair Community Church away from a mindset of scarcity and into a living theology of abundance. When we truly trust that God is willing and able to give God’s people more than enough for the living of these days, then we are free. We are free to give ourselves to authentic relationships in the Christian community, and we are free to take great risks on loving those outside of the faith. I have focused on the power of the stories we tell and how we tell them. If you want to change the culture, you must change the stories that shape that culture. Chapter One introduces the problem of scarcity and the God of abundance. Chapter Two traces the theme of abundance throughout scripture to help us consider how God defines abundance. Chapter Three looks to the worlds of business, psychology, and the church for different approaches to changing a culture. The remaining chapters focus on the power of story to change a culture. In Chapter Four, I propose that how we tell the story matters by encouraging a shift from monological to dialogical preaching. Chapter Five invites the church back to the table, where the story of belonging is enacted in community. Chapter Six invites us to participate in the story of God’s abundance by joining in risky mission together.

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