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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Sarita Edwards, PhD

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Clifford Berger, DMin


This dissertation seeks to provide a solution to the declining Evangelical influence in the United States, particularly among Generation Z. The rise in number of those who do not subscribe to a particular religion (“nones”) has doubled in the last five years even amidst a steady church attendance and participation in religious activities. The popular Evangelical evaluation of this problem includes the idea that the cause is a lack or an insufficient amount of theology taught and learned. The popular response has been to increase theological knowledge churches and other places of learning. I am proposing, however, given the post-modern structures and commitments in our culture, that exclusive cognitivist solutions no longer work and something else must take its place. Research shows that theory and practice are both essential pedagogical tools for learning. This general principle is true and applicable, not only in secular settings, but in sacred settings as well. So, to inculcate a strong, flourishing, and God-honoring faith, Christian leaders must commit to deploying this theory-practice pedagogy aimed at Generation Z who happen to already be predisposed to accepting it.

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