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Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd)



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Russ Pierson, DMin

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Calvin Habig, DMin


The problem this dissertation addresses is, like most problems, complex, multilayered, and contextual. In essence, I inherited the Multiply Vineyard (MV) internal coaching network, which was in decline, demotivated, not performing well, and in drastic need of refurbishing. The contextual realities of MV’s drastically reduced budgets and pandemic virtual training imperatives compelled me to be more innovative and adaptive. This paper's thesis is the entire MV coaching network infrastructure needs to be renovated and restructured to support MV’s church planting mission.

Section 2 describes MV's alternatives, including continuing our current communications and operations approach and framework. Another proposed solution option is to focus on teaching coaching skills to pastoral leaders to develop a coaching culture within Vineyard USA (VUSA) in general and MV in particular.

Section 3 develops the thesis by walking through the landscape of selected research. Components include coaching as a framework to develop adaptive leadership skills, coaching as a framework for missional leadership development, organizing robust internal coaching networks, and sustaining the vitality of the internal coaching network.

Section 4 gives an overview of MV’s revised internal coaching network infrastructure. Section 5 provides information regarding the 2021 specifications for MV’s coaching infrastructure. The specifications address the coaching infrastructure’s goal, the targeted audience, and the scope and content. The specifications also include the projected budget, how the ongoing evaluation will be assessed, and standards of publication. Finally, the calendar and timeline of coaching operations are described.

Section 6 describes the experiences I have realized since presenting the revised internal coaching network to the director of MV, the senior members of the MV Coach Roundtable, and other Vineyard coaching networks. Section 6 concludes with the lessons I have learned through this dissertation process and further prospective research and application avenues.


On August 29 2022, this degree of Doctor of Ministry with a concentration in Leadership and Global Perspectives (DMin) was exchanged for a Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd), with the approval of George Fox University, ATS, and NWCCU.

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