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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Karen Tremper, PhD

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Jamie Johnson, PhD

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Karen Tremper, PhD


The transition from university to the workplace, can be a difficult for young alumni. Many graduates are often confused and lost after graduation. While some seem to have a life plan, and a clear direction, others are left wondering where to turn after that degree is granted them. Helping new graduates navigate the transition from university to career is an important role of the alumni office. For those who graduated in the past two years during the pandemic, this transition has been even more difficult. With fewer career opportunities available, work from home orders, and mass lay-offs in many industries, many young alumni feel discouraged about their lack of options. Rather than turning to the university to help with this transition, many simply disengage. In section one of this paper, I will look at the reasons alumni disengage after graduation. In section two, I will examine some of the solutions that alumni programs have tried to implement to engage alumni, and the reasons why many of these attempts have not worked. In section three, I will propose a strategy for young alumni engagement that is focused on developing mentoring relationships with older alumni, as well I will provide a theological framework for the development of a mentoring strategy. In sections four and five, I will outline the creation of my artifact, a book of wisdom and blessings for new graduates, called; “Letters to new graduates.” This book is written to the graduates of The King’s University from the faculty, and staff. In section six, I will reflect on lessons learned along the way, the importance of collaboration, and my personal reflections about the process of researching, writing and implementing this strategy at The King’s University in my role as Manager of Alumni Relations.

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