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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Pablo Morales, DMin

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Julie Dodge, DMin

Third Advisor

Jason Clark, DMin, PhD


Imago Dei: Identity, Story, and Who We are in Christ seeks to address the NPO: Many people feel like they do not belong in church. This project was developed in the context of international evangelical churches in Hong Kong. Stakeholders involved included pastors, lay leaders, and members of the international church community. Those involved come from a variety of national backgrounds.

The journey began with asking the question of what constitutes genuine biblical community and why many churches do not feel like a community. However, through the various workshops that were conducted during the research phase, it was discovered that a lack of community is a symptom of something deeper. The core of the issue was discovered to be the loss of a common identity that allows people to join their own stories to the story of Christ’s redemption and reconciliation of the world.

As such, Imago Dei: Identity, Story, and Who We are in Christ acts as a small group curriculum that seeks to bring people to an understanding of what rooting one’s identity in Christ means. It also seeks to bring people to an understanding of the power that the various narratives that surround us has in forming our identity, what it means to see our story in light of God’s story, the implications of identifying with Christ, and practical tips for nurturing that identity.

The benchmarks that the curriculum is being measured by include accessibility and clarity (the average person can use it), functionality (the curriculum is challenging yet thought-provoking and useful), comparison to similar works, and technicality (free of formatting and editorial errors).

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