Date of Award


Document Type

Project Portfolio

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Phil Newell, DMin

Second Advisor

Dan Lioy, PhD

Third Advisor

Leonard I. Sweet, PhD


This project portfolio presents the formational work for a book about Extraordinary Spiritual Experiences (ESEs). The project seeks to create a spiritual cartography which helps guide clergy, professionals, interested persons, and experiencers as they navigate ESEs and the subsequent process of making meaning from such experiences, particularly in the context of Christian faith, but by no means limited to it. By way of a novel exploration of the structure of an ESE event and stories from scripture, it is hoped that pathways for creating a safe space to share ESEs in group settings will blossom. In the context of the local church, the value of sharing ESEs has shown to have the effect of creating curious, questioning, and thoughtful followers of Jesus. Making space to discuss ESEs, and having ways of talking about them, deepens our insight into the plethora of ESEs in scripture, and gives framework for talking about our own ESEs. The foundations for this work come from multiple directions and are heavily influenced by the rapidly accelerating research into psychedelics and their ability to manifest mystical experiences. This project brings together six completed chapters, plus outlines of uncompleted chapters, of a projected twenty-three chapter book on ESEs, entitled The Shimmering Cathedral: Extraordinary Spiritual Experiences and the Meaning We Make of Them.

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Christianity Commons