Date of Award


Document Type

Project Portfolio

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Jason Wellman, DMin

Second Advisor

Jeney Park-Hearn, PhD

Third Advisor

Ken Van Vliet, DMin


The need that is addressed through this project portfolio is the recognition that there is a lack of space for intergenerational relationships and conversations around spirituality and the Christian faith to occur between older generations and Generation Z specifically. As we look at the church today, we are seeing many different gaps occurring between generations, these two in particular. The focus of this project portfolio is to address this problem of the generational gaps within the church in hopes of creating long-lasting intergenerational relationships. The problem is addressed by gathering individuals from different generations and taking them through a sixmonth program in which they will study about different aspects of the Christian faith and where we see these generational gaps occurring. The goal is to gather these individuals together to have conversations with one another so they might have a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another. The program will include online, in-person, and retreat aspects. The purpose of each of these aspects is for the individuals from Generation Z as well as older generations to feel comfortable within different platforms. With each of the portions, the individuals will have the chance to interact with one another on a weekly basis to help foster deeper connections with one another. The program will culminate in a final, day-long retreat. This program will be run through a coffee shop ministry as well as a church setting. Individuals need to have a desire to develop relationships with Generation Z/older generations and have a relationship with Christ.

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Christianity Commons