Date of Award


Document Type

Project Portfolio

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Dan Lioy, PhD

Second Advisor

Phil Newell, DMin

Third Advisor

Leonard I. Sweet, PhD


Need, Problem, Opportunity (NPO)

In telling a more accurate story about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (TKGE), I want to guide creatives to find and live their tov.

Key Benefits

Two key benefits emerged in the process of this research. First, anchoring TKGE in tov has evangelistic impact. Nones and Dones are the fastest growing religious demographics in America. Releasing tov from morality and mediocrities addresses the theodicy and brings gospel back to TKGE. Second, people are invited and, more importantly, equipped to participate in living their miyn as tov.

Ministry / Vocational Context

This project has caused my ministry / vocational context to evolve from the longstanding Senior Pastor / CEO of a midsized Midwest congregation to amending my call to Associate Pastor and begin deployed as a Missionary at large. To meet the long-term goals of this project I now serve as Executive Director of Brother Dog, Inc. where my primary duty is helping individuals and organization find and live tov through implementation of this project.

Description of Project

This project is a work play sketchbook of seven movements: Introduction, Success, See, Sabbath, Say, Separate, and Succession, each engaging with five ideas intended to accompany a 26 week coaching framework.

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Christianity Commons