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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Karen Tremper, PhD

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Garfield Harvey, DMin

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Garfield Harvey, DMin


The study explores how the multiethnic church can be a healing agent to counteract systemic racism in a multiethnic church in Richardson, Texas. Systemic racism is a critical issue confronting human society today. In recent years, the global community has united in condemning any form of racial discrimination, particularly against persons of African heritage.

The multiethnic church encourages ecumenism that transcends the racial barriers that have been inherent in Christian worship in the United States. For one, the study suggests that church officials could ease the advancement of the multiethnic church by increasing awareness of systemic racism to members of their congregations. Aside from this, the progress of this type of church requires intentional efforts within the church to become multiethnic. MacDonald suggests most Christians are unaware of their actions’ implicit biases based on the perceived racial differences. Nonetheless, the implicitly existing societal prejudices perpetuate racial separation in the church.

Furthermore, the current worship practices of the modern evangelical churches today create obstacles to the progress of the multiethnic congregations. This is due to White and Black people worshiping in separate churches, a system that continually favors racial segregation in worship. In the fight against systemic racism, the church was employed as a racial reconciling instrument. According to the study’s findings, the unity of the multiethnic church will bring diverse races together and a shared approach to religious belief and practice. The study developed a Hands-Up curriculum to teach six-week lessons to church leaders from churches and other leading organizations. The training program incorporates a biblical understanding of the worth of people, regardless of race. After completing the six-week training program, participants will serve as change agents tasked with spreading the ideas and lessons learned.

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