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Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd)



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Karen Claassen, DMin

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Becky Jeong, PhD

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Russ Pierson, DMin


The lack of Christian involvement in the fight against human sex trafficking is evident when researching the various causes faith-based organizations focus on. The causes have often been denomination or single-entity driven. Yet, the focal point should be cause-driven and compassion-led. For Christians, the key is to uncover the will of God to find where God is at work—and then to join Him there.

This dissertation reviews how Christian entities have often shied away from the battle against human sex trafficking because of the scope of the problem and because of the sexual stigma attached to it. Yet, Christ embodied the mission to serve the broken individuals of the world through compassion and love.

Section 1 addresses the problem itself: aspects of human trafficking, in-depth analysis of the victim, and a clearer explanation about who a trafficker is. Understanding the victim and the trafficker provides insight into the inner side of the problem by placing a face on both the survivor and the perpetrator.

Section 2 offers alternative approaches to the crime of human sex trafficking. Currently, trafficking is a hot topic in the world; yet, so little has been done to help faith-focused entities begin to join in the fight against trafficking. The scope of trafficking and its many facets may seem to be insurmountable. Yet, each small step can make a difference for a victim who is living in the chains of slavery that trafficking entails.

Section 3 offers guidance and direction for faith-focused entities to play a role in the battle in order to claim victory over this horrific crime. It is crucial for Christians to take a stand against trafficking by getting involved in the battle to bring Christ’s love to the broken victims and break the chains of slavery that human sex trafficking imposes.


On August 29 2022, this degree of Doctor of Ministry with a concentration in Leadership and Global Perspectives (DMin) was exchanged for a Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives (DLd), with the approval of George Fox University, ATS, and NWCCU.

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