Date of Award


Document Type

Project Portfolio

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Holley Clough, DMin

Second Advisor

Jason Wellman, DMin

Third Advisor

Ken Van Vliet, DMin


The following is an abstract identifying the need, problem, and opportunity for the specific ministry context presented. Key insights emerged and guided the research leading up to the final developments of the project. The project description gives a snapshot of the research and conclusions. The project was developed in response to the NPO: Addressing the need for spiritual resilience to create a positive impact on nurse burnout for rural healthcare nurses providing home health and hospice services.

Key insights were to, first, gain nuanced understanding of rural nurse context; second, define a rural nurse’s values; and, third, seed further visionary insight into the ideal rural nurse lifestyle. Research suggests generating a culture of gratitude and providing resiliency information via a podcast is a viable option for combating burnout.

The ministry context is oriented around home health and hospice (HH&H) nurses. HH&H nurses are often over-worked, maintain a current understanding of medical standards, organizational standards, and transport necessities to provide quality healthcare services.

The research provided is designed to address the needs of HH&H nurses to combat burnout. Burnout was an issue before 2019; it is now a real threat since the outbreak of Covid19. The primary objective of this research is to provide a tool via a podcast for HH&H nurses to find support, be seen, and to draw inspiration and gratitude.

The Project is based on the recent prototype reports, which were conducted in the spring of 2021 within the ministry context. Generating a culture of gratitude suggests such an environment will give the nurses who work in traumatic situations the ability to thrive, thereby reducing the chances for nurse burnout. Designing and facilitating a podcast to foster a culture of gratitude is the chosen method to reduce nurse burnout.