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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

H. Colleen Butcher, DMin

Second Advisor

Aaron Friesen, PhD

Third Advisor

Leonard I. Sweet, PhD


The United States has conducted genocide and weaponized its institutions by the perpetuation of structural racism against African Americans both historically and contemporarily. These methods have been co-opted covertly and overtly by governmental entities, institutions, and Americans themselves. Though the Federal government and individual states have initiated potential policies on reparations, the United States has failed to implement systematic reforms. To address these disparities, my NPO states: The historical persistence of structural racism and genocide against African Americans nullifies fiduciary reparations until comprehensive reforms are adopted.

Based on the research methodology and iteration processing, my NPO concentrates on African Americans as well as other minority groups during my early phase research. Reasons for such iterations are premised on four key findings: 1) African Americans as a whole have received no federal compensation as opposed to other minority subgroups 2) African Americans are uniquely disenfranchised by genocide and structural racism and therefore are essential to validating research findings 3) Proximity and specificity to African Americans is more pragmatic to implementing the MVP than attempting to address ANAIs inadequately due to the complexity of unique grievances held by individual tribal groups and 4) Addressing the problems facing African Americans will still in effect correlate to significant reforms for ANAIs and other minority communities.

Implementation of the Project is based on the MVP, which is to: Create a historical, contemporary documentary that investigates the inequalities facing African Americans within institutional life while discovering the roadmap to institutional equity as a baseline for reparations. Implications for this are strategic in that cinema is highly consumable in American culture and contains a vast user audience. Finally, as a marketplace minister, my project sources relevant solutions by contextualizing ministry through cinematic arts and extending my work into the marketplace for significant ministry impact and optimal engagement.

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