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This paper will provide an evangelism plan designed to carry out this mandate among traditional Samoans in Samoa. The plan supports and utilizes the Samoan communal patriarchal family system. The thesis of this paper is that a Christian evangelistic model can be designed that is compatible with the Samoan communal, patriarchal family system. Chapter 1 of this dissertation describes conflicts caused by using individual evangelism style in the Samoan community, which is community oriented. Chapter 2 will provide historical information about the country of Samoa and its cultural background. Change and especially change that destroys the cultural system is very painful for Samoans. For this reason, individualistic evangelism is very disruptive in Samoa. Chapter 3 will describe biblical definitions of family and community in relationship to God and His people. This chapter provides a biblical basis for this assertion, and for communal based, patriarchal evangelistic techniques. Chapter 4 describes the role of community in church history. From the first century on, the church used church councils whose leaders acted similarly to Samoan village chiefs, and church history includes many examples of families and countries that tum to Christianity as a communal unit. Chapter 5 will provide the basis for an evangelistic program designed for traditional Samoans based on the culture of the people. This chapter describes how an evangelist can approach Samoans and use evangelistic techniques that strengthen traditional Samoan, patriarchal, communal cultural values. Chapter 6 will provide a step-by-step model of how to evangelize the community using family chiefs and the hierarchal system. The model creates a culturally smooth and peaceful process, and no one is injured when the steps are followed in the order described. This paper provides a culturally sensitive evangelistic system based on biblical and historical examples of community conversion. Evangelists who use the communal, patriarchal approach will win Christian converts and protect ancient Samoan social and cultural values and patterns.

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