Karissa Worst

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Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)



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Steve Delamarter

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Roger Nam


This thesis investigates the views and lives of Philo of Alexandria and the Apostle Paul in regard to women in creation, the fall of humanity, and life. Particularly, it looks at the influence of Stoic thought upon Philo' s and Paul's view of women. We recognize that the common culture and thought of the time greatly shapes human beings and so we acknowledge the influence that Hellenization had upon these men. They utilized the accepted philosophies of their time to develop their theologies and teach their audiences. We address the low philosophical view of women held in Greek philosophy. However, we will also note the times when the men discard or transcend Stoic thought, demonstrating Judaic, Christian, or a practical value for women. We find this in Philo's writings on the Therapeutae. For Paul, this is demonstrated in his respect for and relationships with various women in ministry, as well as his transcendence of Stoic thought in the household codes.

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Christianity Commons