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Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)



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Laura K. Simmons

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Rebecca Ankeny


This paper explores the ways in which C.S. Lewis's interactions with child readers in The Chronicles of Narnia provide important insight for communicating theological and spiritual truths to children. Through a brief examination of Lewis's own childhood as well as a concise analysis of his writings to and about children, important insights regarding the place of imagination and wonder within The Chronicles of Narnia will be revealed. This paper also inspects the seven books that comprise The Chronicles of Narnia, paying specific attention to Lewis's use of first- and second-person narrative within this series as a means of demonstrating his unique ability to communicate to children in a manner that honors child readers by capitalizing on their ability to enter more fully into the stories through their use of imagination and their ability to wonder. Finally, this paper offers strategies for utilizing Lewis's method of communicating with children through The Chronicles of Narnia in order to strengthen the spiritual impact of those who work with children in church and para-church ministries.

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