Joel Dietrich

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)




Youth ministry is a relatively new endeavor for Christianity in the West. In its short history, youth ministry became a major aspect of Christian churches and Christian activity. This project focuses on youth ministry in the emerging culture. The problem is that an increasing percentage of Americans leave their Christian faith behind when they enter adulthood. The paper examines the latest research into the emerging culture and youth ministry, and it provides a practical approach to youth ministry in the emerging culture. The thesis is that youth ministries can connect effectively with teenagers through missional, relational, incarnational, and intergenerational strategies that meet the needs and fit the mindset of members of the emerging culture inside and outside the church. Chapter 1 presents the problem. Many teenagers leave the church and their faith behind after high school as evidenced by their lack of church attendance, in spite of existing youth ministries. Chapter 2 looks at the history of youth ministry in the West and the theological framework for youth ministry in the emerging culture. Chapters 3-6 address the problem and examine four aspects of youth ministry in the emerging culture: missional, relational, incarnational, and intergenerational. Each concept is examined in its historical and theological context, and the emerging youth ministry application is described. Chapter 7 concludes with a history that explicates the conclusions and provides practical applications.

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