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Calvary Baptist Church has historically been a disciple making church. In recent years, however, interest and attendance has waned and church growth has plateaued. In an attempt to encourage new growth, revitalize small group discipleship training, and direct new leadership into ministry opportunities, this dissertation asserts that spiritual growth developed through a relational approach to sequential and intentional discipleship training for spiritual formation will help Christian leaders mobilize believers for ministry Chapter two examines the disciple making approaches of both the Old and New Testaments with Jesus' process being the primary example. Chapter three analyzes the discipleship methodology of John Wesley and contemporary practitioners who focus on the sequential, intentional, and relational aspects of discipleship. Chapter four illustrates how discipleship has been the driving force in influencing the establishment, ministry and growth of Calvary Baptist Church. In conclusion, action plans and innovative procedures are outlined which, when implemented, will revitalize the discipleship program of Calvary Baptist Church through new administrative structures, a revised discipleship curricula, and dynamic leadership training.

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