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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Charles Conniry, Ph.D.

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Thomas F. Johnson, Ph.D.


Today many people are crying for more time. Many pastors are also. The contents of this writing endeavor to address the issue of time starvation among overworked pastors. My conviction is that the God-given 24 hours a day is enough. God will never ask from us what we cannot give. Often we are victims of our own aspirations. The discussions and solutions provided in this writing fit into the shared values of pastoral ministry: a) our faithfulness to our ministerial call; b) our dedication to the Lord; and c) our love for His church and His people. Based upon these shared core values of ministry, the first section presents the problem of the issue at stake, i.e., the reasons for time starvation as well as a challenge for change to live long and serve well. The second section deals with the core of ministry, our understanding and philosophy of what time and ministry are. The third section makes practical suggestions as to how to best utilize our limited time resources. With some modifications, the specific suggestions can be adapted to any busy worker. In order to get the most out of this writing it will be advisable to reflect on the following questions respectively for the three different sections. Are you "tired of the pettiness that characterizes so much of church life?"1 Do you often have to be "all things to all men?"2 Do you arise each morning torn between "a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world?"3 Are you at the brink of taking no more pounding? Are you willing and ready for the challenge of change? If your answers to these five questions are all positive, Section One is where you should begin. Do you value time as a precious daily gift? Do you love the church more than the Lord of the church? Do you love the missions assigned more than the Lord of commission? What are your priorities in practice? Do you realize that God cares for our complete well-being, and the balance of our ministry and life? Discussions on these questions are found in Section Two. Do you know that "time bandits" are always trying to steal our time and energy? Are you able to recognize and seize your "time bandits?" Do you know that a meaningful life is not a matter of speed or efficiency?4 Do you realize that you can actually "redeem" time so as to enjoy more of life and ministry? Section Three provides some basic and practical tips as to how to "redeem" time as well as how to eliminate or minimize your time wasters. A chapter is also devoted to the discussions of different time planners. You may take the highlights of this writing and weave them into substantial actions that will bring significant changes --- to tum brokenness into blessings, and to turn possible burnout into ever-growing "burn-on" for the Lord.

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