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My Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Emerging Culture at George Fox Evangelical Seminary has been E-P-I-C! I have been personally transformed by the unique [E]xperience of this DMIN. My transformation has centered on my exchange of the center for the margins in my ministry focus. Vicki's (my wife) law enforcement career has daily situated her on culture's extreme margins and through her I have connected with people whom I was not [P]articipating in life with as a pastor. Vicki has been my inspiration for my life-transforming experience. God placed a desire in my heart to make "Burning Man" my DMIN cross-cultural experience. God used Burning Man to make me more like Jesus. The pagan [I]mages of Burning Man were made sacred to me through the Spirit's transforming power in my life. I love my many new pagan friends from the Burning Man [C]ommunity. My cohort, advisors, Dr. Len Sweet and Dr. Kent Yinger, Chuck Coward, Lars Rood, Henry Berg, Fourie van den Berg, Bryan Benjamin, Randy Groves, John Frank, Quintin "Q" Moore, Brian Ross, Jake Youmans, Jeff Tacklind, Chris Roush and Greg Glantz will always be in my heart and prayers. Vicki and I have moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our move is largely attributable to my transformation and my life's willingness to journey together with God to new ministry. However, we miss our beautiful community in Oregon, Corvallis, and our church, Kings Circle Assembly of God where we were pastors for almost twelve years. Finally, our daughters, Kari Schultz and Traci Brakefield, and their families, Jim, Jamie and Daphne and Matt, Ryan, Hayley and Payton make my life whole.


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