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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Ekaterina Lomperis, PhD

Second Advisor

Jacqueline Bland, DMin

Third Advisor

MaryKate Morse, PhD


NPO Statement: In a polarized, “us” versus “them” society: How do we embrace and cultivate the richness of ourselves, recognize the goodness of “others,” and come together as one diverse human family; wherein, we grow into greater individual and collective flourishing?

Key Benefits or Insights from Research: The clearest, most helpful insight from my research and reflection is that “strengthening” one’s ability to be in relationships, is much like strengthening one’s muscles. Getting stronger physically, isn’t easy. It takes sweat, perseverance, and effort. You have to wisely push your limits in safe and healthy ways. Relationships, especially when it comes to difference and bridging divides, are much the same. A person must mindfully grow their ability to lovingly be with otherness—whether it’s political, religious, racial, or otherwise. When we do it well, it can leave you, metaphorically, out of breath, bent over, and spent. Yet, also feeling more alive and radiant.

Vocational Context: I currently teach yoga, both online and in person. Part of this includes being a mentor for Blissology, an international yoga community that does a lot of online training. I also write, primarily online. After getting this doctorate, I will add life coaching and spiritual direction certificates to my resume.

Description of the Project: The foundation of the project is a book, titled The Love Effect. Love, quite simply, brings out the best in ourselves and others. Its hallmarks of gratitude, curiosity, understanding, grace, compassion, vulnerability, presence, laughter, nonjudgment, and kindness, heal, nourish, and draw people together. After the book is published, I will use it to create communal workshops, shape coaching and direction sessions, and hopefully craft an interactive college course.

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