Date of Award


Document Type

Project Portfolio

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Jeffery Savage, DMin

Second Advisor

Donna Wallace, DMin

Third Advisor

Ken Van Vliet, DMin


NPO Statement: Christians longing for inner healing and wholeness along with growing intimacy with Jesus need a confident, competent pathway to follow.

Key Insights from Research: Intuitively true, but still surprising, the top factor for improving someone’s confidence in pursuing their healing and wholeness in a ministry setting is trust of the minister. This factor topped perceived competence of the minister, community support and biblical soundness as other confidence-building factors. Another key insight, this one brought about through my stakeholders, is the importance of telling one’s story, one’s testimony, to help gain trust and grow the confidence of a potential journey partner. Genuineness is held in high esteem in today’s culture, breaking down many potential walls to ministry.

Ministry and Vocational Context: My vocational context is the Christian community in the Charlotte, NC region. My peers and community include many backgrounds across Protestant denominations and independent churches. I would also include Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox influence and hope this reaches into that community.

Description of the Project: My project is the first ten chapters of a book, in draft form, integrating four methods of healing from an autobiographical and biblically reflective perspective. The goal is to give the reader confidence to pursue holistic wholeness in Jesus by giving a firsthand, relatable account from a pastor and counselor’s journey alongside digestible explanations of the methods. The book is part of a larger project to build an integrative healing center in Charlotte, NC. It will be given at the beginning of one’s healing journey as they come to the center as a guide and be available online. It will help build trust with me, who will oversee the center, along with the other ministers from the various healing methods mentioned in the book: spiritual direction, counseling, inner healing, and deliverance.