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vii ABSTRACT Statistics of church attendance in America shows a chronic trend toward younger generations leaving the church. What will happen to the church in America over the next fifteen years when Boomer1 pastors choose to retire? The Church will face a monumental leadership transition and many churches will not be equipped with a new generation of experienced leaders. Seasoned church leaders (aka those of the Boomer population) must give great care, and with a sense of urgency, develop the Millennial generation2 as leaders for the future vitality of the church. The thesis of this study is seasoned church leaders need to understand the Millennials and cultivate young leaders now through a re- imaged leadership development process so that they will be prepared to take over leadership in the years to come. It is important that seasoned church leaders understand the basic values and characteristics of the Millennial generation if they are to lead them successfully.3 The seasoned church leader will then need to begin to build three major bridges that connect them with emerging leaders in order to begin the leadership development process. New images are needed for developing leaders that will connect with and retain the most valuable potential leaders of Millennial generation. The first image is that of a “computer cluster.” The second image is a “two-way street” representing a mentoring relationship. The image of a “taxicab driver” presents a coach approach to managing Millennials. And finally the image of “magnetic attraction” will be needed to inspire and recruit Millennials so they too will want to serve the local church as pastors or staff members. The artifact portion of this dissertation is a series of six live-format, stand-alone seminar/workshops designed for seasoned church leaders to encourage and direct them in developing Millennial leaders within their churches. A website will be designed to promote the seminars and encourage ongoing dialogue between both seasoned and emerging leaders.

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