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Since its origin as a pejorative label for members of the 2nd century church, the word "Christian" has been used to describe Saint, Priest, humanitarian, and martyr as well as murderer, bigot, inquisitionist, republican, and disruptor of peace. This truth is evidence of the ability to misrepresent the Christ of Christ-ian. Right now we are in the position of transforming what images come to mind when people hear the word Christian. In Matthew's gospel, Christ is given the name Immanuel, which means, "God with us."1 The person of Jesus Christ is spoken of as the embodiment of Immanuel in every aspect of His being. Jesus' unshakable commitment to the task of revealing the Father and preaching the good news of the Kingdom through contextual parables led to His death.2 During the time of His ministry, He confirmed the Old Testament emphasis on just treatment of the poor; in His context, this meant the widow, orphan, foreign stranger and those at the mercy of others.3 Christ has affirmatively answered the question of whether Christians are called to embrace those who are marginalized. In fact, there are so many texts that make reference to helping those who have been pushed aside that one might ask, "Does God favor the poor over the rich?'' I do not believe this is the case. I believe God understands that equity and justice are not the norm of human society.

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