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Many clergy experience a debilitating stress condition called compassion fatigue (CF). Church leaders leave ministry for many reasons such as moral failure, financial stresses, marital problems, burnout, and CF. CF is not easily recognized, but its effects on ministry leaders are very visible. Preventive measures include observing the Sabbath observance, reliance on the Holy Spirit and other self-care techniques. This projects thesis is that CF can be avoided through Sabbath observance reliance on the Holy Spirit and proper self-care practices. Church leaders are vulnerable to CF in their care-giving role. They should understand the signs and symptoms of CF and develop a pattern of healthy Sabbath rest and self-care practices. The application of these disciplines will help prevent CF and improve health, strength, and longevity in ministry and family life. This project will include a book about CF and how CF affects church leadership. The author chose a book format to reach the largest audience of church leaders through a familiar, practical, and easily implemented medium. This book can be used in workshops, seminars, and undergraduate and seminary classes, and the audience for the book is students in Bible colleges and seminaries, novices starting out in ministry, seasoned clergy, missionaries, and counselors. This book provides a balanced prescription for life and ministry and includes reading lists and websites for further study.

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