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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Karen Claassen, DMin

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Leonard Wilson, DMin


NPO: The leadership at Harvest has observed that our people need improved methods to combat the trend of decreased understanding of the Christ centered Bible story.

My research identified numerous factors for this trend (too busy, too tired, the Bible is too difficult to understand and is no longer relevant, etc.) Perhaps more than all these, we have lost our Hebrew sensibilities of conveying the truth of the scriptures as a story to be experienced. A story told in community (not isolation), a story that draws in the senses (not a text to be analyzed), a story that is enjoyable and memorable (not boring or difficult) is what our church needs.

We naturally think in story because we were born in story. We find our origin, identity, purpose, and future in the Christ story. But Christians are seemingly not as interested in the Bible as they used to be. They grow increasingly disconnected with and no longer see the Bible as relevant to their lives. Far too many discard the Old Testament and fail to grasp how the whole Bible points to Jesus, yet it is Christ Himself who intentionally walked his disciples through the law, prophets, and writings to show how the entirety of scripture testifies of Himself. As attention spans diminish, time constraints mount, screens disconnect, the church must adapt to keep the story alive.

Drawing upon the element of story that the ancient Hebrews and Jews utilized, I’ve reconfigured a walk through the Bible story experience for my local church that is highly sensory, communal, fun, and memorable. Using visually rich Bible tiles, a narrated script, planned sensory activities, and focused discussion questions, congregants will learn, feel more connected to the Bible, and secure their own story to the story of Jesus.

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