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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Dr Luisa Gallagher


A Liturgy for Wholeness emerged from the opportunity to “shape ecclesiastical culture that reimagines the holistic flourishing of vocational pastors.” The research suggests that many pastors are not flourishing but surviving. Unrealistic expectations, comparison, an unreasonable number of needed competencies, and long work weeks contribute to this challenge, often resulting in burnout or moral decline. Reimagining pastoral work within the life arenas of divine calling, daily well-being, formational relationships, and resilience creates a significant opportunity for pastors to thrive holistically.

The context in which this project will be deployed is Northbrook Church, a large non- denominational church in the exurbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A Liturgy for Wholeness is specifically designed for the pastoral team at Northbrook Church, which consists of eleven full- time ministers. A Liturgy for Wholeness is a fifty-two-week liturgy grounded in the historic church calendar. Each liturgical season will focus on one of the four life arenas that surfaced in the research. Each week consists of one liturgy designed to help pastors pray, reflect, and think deeply about their formation. Each liturgy includes an invocation, Lectio Divina, a curated reading, reflection questions, and spiritual practices.

A Liturgy for Wholeness consists of a monthly team liturgy designed for pastoral teams to work through some of the practices together. Along with the team liturgy, an annual retreat is suggested and designed for pastoral teams to work through the four life arenas in a focused environment.

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