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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Kathy Noling, DMin

Second Advisor

Deborah Loyd, DMin


In this project portfolio, I will address the following NPO: Christian parents of school-aged children don’t know what to teach their children about sex.

As the Lead Pastor of the Vineyard Church of Sugar Land/Stafford, I found that Christians lack integration between sexuality and spirituality. Kids and teens learn about sex from the media, and they learn about spirituality from parents and church. This led me to focus my project on an integration between the two. Spiritual sexuality is a guidebook for parents of school-aged children. In my research, I found that parents feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to lead their kids on topics related to sexuality.

Spiritual Sexuality is a guidebook for these parents. Spiritual Sexuality equips parents to teach children that God created humans as integrated beings. Sexuality is intended to inform spirituality and spirituality intended to inform sexuality. When these two areas are integrated, humans flourish. This guidebook offers parents a way to cultivate spiritual sexuality in their school-aged children through a vision rooted in scripture, five values derived from the vision, and practices derived from the values. The guidebook strategically focuses on practices and habits that can be repeated. The rationale for a guidebook based on practices and habits is taken from James K. A. Smith’s premise that practices shape desire.

This project focuses on presenting the guidebook Spiritual Sexuality. The 25 practices apply to kids ages 2-18 years old. The guidebook teaches parents how to allow their family to become a community of practice where the desire for God is formed within the context of the body.

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