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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Dominic Abaria, DMin

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Holley Clough, DMin


The following is the NPO statement which undergirds this doctoral project: Unresolved conflicts give rise to relational injury among the families who subscribe to the faith of Jesus Christ. The problem identified through biblical research, extra-biblical research, as well as the anecdotal data of pastoral-counseling sessions and workshops affirms the presence of suffering within the context of unresolved conflict. Any work, therefore, which offers aid, for the purpose of assisting the people of faith to resolve conflict, might bring an end to the relative suffering.

A key insight that emerged from my research is the presence of a biblical and sociological ideology, which may be framed into a tool to address unresolved conflict. The key components of this tool, titled the Conflict Devotional-Journal (CD-J), are a strategic dependence upon the word of God, as expressed through James 3:13-4:1-17, preparation for self-reflection through diaphragmatic breathing and preoccupation with applied Scripture, and a response to Scripture, in written form, as opposed to responding primarily to the source of discord. The conflict should be considered; however, it should be measured under the rubric of Scripture.

I serve a small southern California community as both a Preaching Pastor and a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have served in this area for approximately eleven years. I aim to engage the community with a holistic focus, ministering to the mind, body, and soul. The tools employed are both pharmaceutical, as well as the non-pharmaceutical elements of nutrition, adequate fluid intake, exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, prayer, and rest. My doctoral project is a devotional journal which challenges the user to reason through, and engage seven lessons, derived from James 3:13-4:1-17. Each week offers a new Scriptural focus/lesson, and each day offers an opportunity to engage with the text.

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