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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Stuart Cocanougher, DMin

Second Advisor

William Valmyr, PhD, DMin


This dissertation examines the issue of homelessness in Dallas, Texas. It argues that simply providing meals to homeless individuals is not enough to address the complex factors that contribute to homelessness. Instead, long-term and sustained solutions are needed, which require the collaborative efforts and substantial involvement of the Church.

This research uses qualitative methods, such as field observations, interviews, surveys, attending webinars, and conferences to examine the homeless ecosystem in Dallas, Texas. It highlights the importance of collaboration and faith-based organizations to address homelessness, emphasizing systemic issues and potential improvements.

This research explores the Church's involvement in addressing homelessness, examining it from a theological and theoretical standpoint. It utilizes the Exodus narrative, prophetic voice, and the ministry of Jesus Christ as a framework for analysis. The argument is that informed collaboration among churches, faith-based organizations, and the homeless ecosystem is essential for effectively combatting homelessness and creating lasting change in Dallas, Texas.

The study also stresses the importance of moving beyond isolated acts of charity toward transformative initiatives that address the systemic issues contributing to homelessness. Its aim is to provide understanding, education, and recommendations for a clear path forward to effectively reduce homelessness in Dallas, Texas through the involvement of churches and faith-based organizations.

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