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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Solomon Waigwa, PhD

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Gregory Tate, DMin


Many individuals and families feel disillusioned by churches failing to address their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. With limited research demonstrating how the needs of members are prioritized, the research we have done has shown triage is critical in evaluating the priority of treatment needs in life-saving matters. The question this dissertation addresses is if there is a triage and case management approach that can set a better course for prioritizing treatment and healing for an individual or family seeking restoration when joining the church. It aims to assess how this approach can target critical needs beyond regular church activities for individuals or families coping with trauma. A literature review on triage and case management preceded a survey of 80 participants to gauge interest and experiences with such services in churches and whether they thought such services should be globally instituted. Meetings with pastors and leaders further informed the research. After the analysis, results indicated this system has robust support from pastors, lay leaders, and individual congregants.

The paper will address the failure to prioritize treatment, review alternative solutions, present the thesis defending triage and case management, outline the project, detail artifact specifications, and offer a postscript conclusion with lessons learned from this project.

The triage and case management approach offers a framework for addressing the complex issue of trauma and increasing mental health needs within churches for both those new to the church and regular attenders. It assembles interdisciplinary teams to address congregants’ struggles and provide support during difficult times. Properly managed Christian spiritual formation equips families with foundational beliefs, values, and practices to foster relationships with God, themselves, others, and the world.

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