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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Holley Clough, DMin

Second Advisor

Dominic Abaria, DMin

Third Advisor

Kenneth Van Vliet, DMin


The transitional phase of emerging adulthood signifies a pivotal period for young women as they embark on the journey of self-discovery, distinct from their familial roots. This developmental epoch significantly challenges their faith formation and the establishment of a Christ-centered identity, often influencing decisions to depart from their Christian faith and congregations in pursuit of acceptance and purpose elsewhere. In response, this project seeks to facilitate mentored development of Christ-centered identity in emerging adult Christian women ages 18-25, congruent with their faith, while navigating transitions and influences challenging their professed and lived out faith in Jesus Christ.

Research underscores the preference of emerging adults for mentorship and communal engagement during identity exploration, particularly valuing intergenerational relationships for guidance, feedback, and experiential insights. A mentor training curriculum becomes imperative to equip women mentors in fostering Christ-centered identity formation in young women seeking their counsel. This initiative introduces a practical approach named "DNA: Do You know Who You Are?" to train seasoned women of faith as mentors, engaging with emerging young women in their Christ-centered formation.

Confidence-building mechanisms include contemplative prayer, mentoring skill instruction, discussions on emerging adult developmental essentials, Christian spiritual formation exercises, and weekly readings, all applicable to both mentor and mentee, fostering Christ- centered identity formation. Employing a blended methodology integrating bibliographic resources, stakeholder collaboration, and human-centered design, this heuristic-based and application-oriented project caters specifically to evangelical and non-denominational churches. It addresses the diverse, multi-ethnic demographic within these churches, aligning with the intentionally multi-ethnic church context and leadership community with a global outreach.

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