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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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William Valmyr, PhD, DMin

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Eugene Austin, DMin

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Eugene Austin, DMin


This dissertation conducts a thorough examination into the integration of life skills with a faith-based approach. Rooted in theological foundations and biblical exemplars, this study explores how these qualities can serve as a catalyst for transformative change amongst Generation Z.

By examining theological principles and drawing inspiration from biblical narratives, this study seeks to demonstrate their practical relevance in addressing the complex socio-cultural and spiritual challenges faced by Generation Z. Moreover, Parachurch ministries play a significant role in fostering these skills, equipping Generation Z to become agents of positive change and social healing, fostering their holistic development, and empowering them for effective engagement in society.

Further, it explores how these ministries can provide Generation Z with the necessary tools to navigate the post-pandemic world.By incorporating life skills training, such as adaptability, resilience and digital literacy, Generation Z can develop the abilities needed to overcome adversity and to thrive in uncertain times. Soft skills training is equally important in the context of post-pandemic recovery. Effective communication, collaboration, empathy, and cultural sensitivity are essential for Generation Z to engage in community rebuilding and reconciliation efforts.

The dissertation also examines the specific context of American missions in Barbados. It explores the unique challenges and opportunities in this cultural setting, considering such factors as local customs, socioeconomic disparities, and historical legacies. By adapting life and soft skills training to the specific needs of Barbadian communities, American missions can effectively contribute to the holistic development and resilience of Generation Z in Barbados.

This comprehensive exploration contributes to a deeper understanding of how faith-based life skills can positively impact both the missions outreach landscape and the well-being of the African Diaspora. It serves as a guide for faith-based organizations, missionaries, and community leaders seeking to bridge the gap between faith and transformative change.

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