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Project Portfolio

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



First Advisor

Holley Clough, DMin

Second Advisor

Dominic Abaria, DMin

Third Advisor

Kenneth Van Vliet, DMin


An opportunity exists to design and develop an educational and experiential spiritual formation website for the virtual E-Church community at The Potter's House to create safe fellowship space, offer formational resources and inspire the community to "Live More Like JesusTM."

Three key insights emerged upon completion of the research: (1) 100% of respondents found The Daily Clay to be a helpful resource to learn more about spiritual formation; (2) 100 % of respondents thought The Daily Clay would be a helpful resource for a church community; and 100% of respondents indicated that they would subscribe to The Daily Clay. Collectively, these insights elevate the worthiness of the project from an "opportunity" to a "need."

The Potter’s House is a megachurch in Dallas, Texas with a vibrant and interactive community. The culture of the church is highly familial. Theologically, the church is non-denominational with Pentecostal roots. There is a keen focus on delivering God's word to hearts and souls in need of restoration. It is not only a place of worship, but also a vehicle to impact lives, families and communities. From the very beginning, God has used this ministry to be a catalyst of hope to the world, and the ministry has touched and empowered generations of believers.

A website called "The Daily Clay" ( was designed and developed to address the opportunity. The website offers both educational and experiential spiritual formation resources to the virtual E-Church community. The educational component of the website is comprised of original written content covering a "Blueprint for Formational Living." The experiential content is comprised of "Lectio Divina" prayer audio downloads to offer guests an introductory opportunity to experience a formational prayer practice, as well as an additional learning modality.

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