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Fall 2013

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)




THE PROBLEM The twenty-first century Assemblies of God Christian and communicator are separated by thousands of years and miles from Christ's first-century context. Few tools provide a three dimensional resource that converge the literature, land and language to construct a bridge that empowers learners to cross that distance independently. Many resources available are scholarly, scattered or static. Those privileged to visit the Holy Land leave enthusiastic but fail to export large portions of the educational experience. This often results in the traveler sharing their images and impressions for several weeks until all that remains are emotional memoirs and a dim recollection of the hermeneutical content received. THE THESIS Thousands of miles and years separate the average Assemblies of God pastor, educator, parishioner and student from the first-century world of Jesus. This distance often results in a strong theological hermeneutic that is weak in the understanding of the literature, land and language that embedded the life of Christ. I claim that producing a twenty-first century electronic resource that integrates these elements will better bridge the physical, cultural and historical distance our world and the first-century Jewish world of Jesus and occasionally improve our theological understanding of Jesus' words and works. SUMMARY OF THE WRITTEN STATEMENT This artifact is an iBook titled "Jesus and His Jewish World." It could be used as a tool for pre- and post-trip development for academic tours to the Holy Land. The outline is driven by tour locations and chronology, covering events and subject matter relevant to the biblical sites. This will create a three-dimensional experience both visually through technology and scholastically through a unique discipline of hermeneutics found in the literature, land, and language of Christ's first-century context is portable and user friendly delivery system.

Jesus and His Jewish Wolrd.pdf (270035 kB)
This image-rich book is the artifact that accompanies the dissertation.

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