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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Dr. Ken Ross

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Dr. Jared Roth


Many young adult men are struggling in their transition from adolescence to adulthood. Unique challenges converge in their quest for vocational discovery and career choice. The church is largely ignored as a guide as they make choices about work and career. Christian churches have been slow to provide practical guidance in faith and work; especially for disciples with an interest in professions and careers outside Christian ministry. There is a need for an informed church to guide young men so that they may reach their potential through the discovery of calling and vocation. I propose that the church must assume a vital role in the vocational formation of young men. Vocational discernment should be included in a more holistic approach to discipleship. Young men need to understand that their work life provides a significant place of service in the mission of God for the world. In order to address this problem I will introduce the notion that personal calling and work function to fulfill the mission of God. In Chapter One I will provide an overview of the issues facing young men in their pursuit of vocational purpose. Chapter Two describes the biblical foundations of vocation and calling, highlighting the connection between personal calling and the mission of God. Chapter Three traces the meaning of vocation through church history, highlighting notable young adult men and their significant contribution to society. Chapter Four describes the changing meanings of masculinity in current culture; I will examine the impact these changes are having on male self confidence, motivation and vocational development. Chapter Five analyzes the effectiveness of the church in awakening young men with their vocational calling; this chapter provides guidelines for equipping young men in their pursuit of vocational purpose. The concluding chapter offers the church practical applications for inspiring and equipping young men for vocational purpose.

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