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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Dr. Laura Simmons

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Dr. David McDonald


This dissertation proposes that a homiletic recapturing a methodology implicit in Jesus’ preaching (story/image/metaphor, questions, and supernatural encounter) enables preachers to more effectively communicate to a twenty-first-century audience. Section one identifies the problem: namely the recent devaluing of preaching and the continued reliance on a 2500-year-old propositional homiletic. Section two examines other proposed solutions, including inductive preaching, postmodern voices, and current popular preachers. Section three examines our thesis, both by investigating Jesus’ preaching methodology in the canonical gospels and seeking to discover if and how that methodology translates to an effective renewed homiletic. Sections four and five outline the dynamics of a non-fiction book written on a popular level that seeks to identify and apply Jesus’ preaching methodology to inspire and instruct both the current and next generation of preachers. Section six identifies areas of interest and potential further study that were uncovered as part of this research. The artifact itself is a popular, non-fiction book entitled: Interrobang Preaching: (re)Capturing the Enthusiastic Discovery of Preaching Like Jesus.

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Christianity Commons